Friday, November 15, 2013

Brain Cortex Katra Part 31

What we are working on, and wish to achieve, is the creation of a human subset simplified Katra that can be transferred into the machine brain and retained indefinitely.

First we will define the Katra, establish its parameters, and attempt to construct one for use in the human brain to machine brain transfer project.

Philosophical issues
Above: this is 9.4 Tesla FT-ICR Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer. The FT-ICR MS allows scientists to identify up to 20,000 components in a mixture without prior separation (GC, LC , gels), thereby changing the whole approach to mixture analysis. A mass spectrometer (shown in the picture above) works by detecting little particles that have a charge and helps determine the structure/shape of a sample. There are many applications for this machine to help unravel the chemical solution and flux particle dynamic mysteries of the human brain, thus potentially paving the way to more complete pathway understanding and to ultimately more sophisticated human brain to machine (H2M) brain transfers. Credit: IRISE
The Katra is a living spirit and the essence of the mind and it could be transferred to another person moments before death.

We don't normally joke about science fact and something new and serious like mind to mind transfer and the holding retention of one's Katra and a transference of an individual's intellectual and experience essence into a brain vessel, however, a number of ludicrous philosophical issues were proposed by some people about this technology and a small but cute cartoon is in order.

Can we generate a small subset Kata and transfer it from a human to a machine? This is one aspect of the human brain to machine brain transfer project. Previously the Lab defined Layering. In this case, the Katra can be converted into the confines of a small singular brain layer which is a subset of the whole. Therefore, to DIY your own subset Katra, first determine the subset requirement.

Brain Cortex Uploading Human Mind to Machine Part 20

The brain cortex is considering at least three types of classifications for upload from a human brain. There are three areas for a simplified upload. This includes factual knowledge, personality and experience.

While factual knowledge may initially appear less unique to a person's characteristics, it is not. It can certainly be a defining signature based on the type of knowledge one knows and the level and quantity of a particular interest.

Personality can include likes and dislikes, viewpoints, philosophy and values. More knowledge and factual material can indicate personality interests about astronomy for example.

Experiences can include previous choices made, stories, and things that are selected as one over another due to learned past events.

IN CREATING A SIMPLIFIED BRAIN LAYER FOR TRANSFER It's not necessary to upload all three classifications to demo the results. One over the other can be selected, with decisions based on the machine vessel capacity and the machines ability, capacity and characteristic attributes.

As factual knowledge can portray other characteristics such as personality, likes, interests, gravitation, etc., this would be a good place to start. The amount or selected topical quantity of factual knowledge can also portray a person's experience about a particular subject, either through course taking, study or experiences.

Therefore all three potentials, Factual Knowledge, Personality, and Experience can be wrapped up and embedded in just one transfer classification — Factual Knowledge. KATRA generation can now focus on factual knowledge that contains bits of experience, personality and knowledge.

Factual Knowledge

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