Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life, Longevity, and Google

GOOGLE It seems everyone is getting into the act these days and the bandwagon is bursting at the seems. Research, new companies, interest, investment, futures, are focused on living longer, creating greater human longevity and healthier life spans, and working towards transferring the human mind into the machine for potential immortality.

With Google coming on board and other millionaires across the world investing in new start-up, this is a new topic that's here to stay.


Even Humanoido Labs is at the forefront of experimentation and construction of a vessel cortex, and nearing readiness to conduct a (simplified) human mind to machine brain transfer experiment, showing the potentials of this new burgeoning and immensely profitable technology. Nearly everyone on the planet wants good health, longer life, and a piece of the proverbial cake of immortality.

What if your consciousness can transfer to a humanoid robot with far greater functioning, greater senses, and greater abilities than a human body? As we move closer and closer, walking this path, and as more people come on board to leverage the field, progress will begin to speed up and we will see results shortly. Even this is a long term goal, and research and study is required, the vision is set, and it's only a matter of time.