Monday, November 25, 2013

Machine to Machine Mind Meld Penguin

Penguin Robot connected to BSS

2 Penguin Robot motherboards connected

MARCH 3, 2011
If you're into connecting processors to Penguin, take a look at this machine to machine mind meld project - the entire BASIC Stamp Super computer was connected to make the smartest Penguin and possibly the Labs first machine to machine mind meld!

The trick was to make one Penguin's port into serial Rx/Tx and connect using one wire into a Daisy Chain configuration, thus making a very large Penguin brain. The added BS2px could contribute on the super computing net. Not only does it add 12 more
processors to Penguin, it also adds one more processor to the BSS.
I'm currently working on a much larger brain, currently with 170 processors, and can imagine a project to "beam in" the power of this giant brain directly to Penguin, for wireless operations.

Imagine a scenario where Penguin is sent out on some important exploratory mission, gathering sensor data and beaming it directly to the remote brain for analysis. In another stage, it's the giant Brain that has the mobility and

Penguin at upper left on top of PS
picks up Penguin, syncing with Penguin's brain through BT or IR, and simply takes Penguin along the journey. Consider it a Giant Brain to Penguin mind meld!


The above board is being prepared to add to the BSS. This Super Carrier Board has a BS2sx at left and a Penguin board to the right. It makes up a compact yet powerful BSS addition, that easily fits into the Rack. The overall footprint is about the same size as a Basic Stamp Homework Board. The good thing about this arrangement is that X1 has Vin and ground which the Penguin board can tap into. Basically you'll route 5 wires from the BS2px board and 3 from the Carrier to the Collective. 

Original Post from 11-21-2008

As a recent experiment, the brain of Penguin Robot was disembodied by tapping into and connecting it to the BSS Supercomputer.

In a kind of Brain Cortex collective extension, Penguin's brain was made into a parallel cluster of processing power, rewiring the original thought processes, creating a hive or gang of Synaptic Regio, more closer to mimicking a human's brain. Overall, the operation was a great success!

The brain surgery was simple and accomplished by hand. Connect 3 wires, + to Vdd, - to Vss and S to P2 on Master Computer MC, as can be seen in the photos. The power of Penguin's brain became so fantastic, that accessing all the power and all the sensors and all the peripherals from 12 computers made it "THE BRAIN" of all brains!

For one thing, it can access all the data, computational power, sensor information, peripherals such as EMIC text to speech (Penguin is now talking), LCD, uOLED color monitor, PIR, PING))), an entire choir of piezo speakers that run at the same time, dancing lights, and all kinds of just really cool stuff!

The human mind cannot begin to imagine all the possibilities of applications. With only a tiny tether, Penguin now has the biggest Brain with 12 computers running simultaneously and ability to use up to 192 ports. So now little Penguin robot has the tools, software, hardware and the power to be even more amazing!

For even more Brain Power, run the Big Brain software by vrossi. It can increase the number of programs stored in Penguins Brains whenever the computer is a Basic Stamp with more than one 2K bank of EEPROM (i.e. BS2p24, BS2p40, BS2pe, BS2px, etc.). For more info about the BSS Supercomputer:

For information and plans to build your own BSS Supercomputer,
check the latest edition of Penguin Tech Magazine posted in the
Parallax Robotics Forum. For more information about the vrossi Big Brain software: