Friday, November 29, 2013

Penguin Robot with 27 Brains

In this experiment, a tiny little Parallax Penguin robot is upgraded to the max, and has its big head expanded to include a massive number of brains. It was connected to the BSS BASIC Stamp Supercomputer, the BASIC Stamp Master Offloader machine and rogue BASIC Stamp boards and Stamp processors.

Add these 12 legion superheros
Superhero Penguin brain! Source: Robot Magazine
In the photo, at far right, the M.O.M. machine has ten processors, the BSS, in the middle, has twelve processors, another two processors are located above the PS, plus the Lenovo PC with a duo core processor, and Penguin has one, making a total of 27 brains! The types of brain processors are mixed. Examples include the Basic Stamp 1, the BS2, BS2px, BS2sx, BS2p40, and others. Boards are also mixed.

The brain of Penguin takes on the functions and peripheral sensors of the other brains, and gains ultrasonic night vision, the ability of sound choir processing, human English and Chinese speech, a uOLED, two serial Green Screen LCDs, signal and power LEDs.

The potential exists to connect more brains from the legion of Penguin Superheros. This would add another 12 brains bringing the total up to 39 BASIC Stamp brains. It would also add 12 compasses, 12 speakers, 12 IR transmitters, 24 IR Receivers, 24 CaS light sensors, 24 motion control servos, 12 LEDs and twelve 7-segment displays.