Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brain Cortex Power Wiring Part 45

ELECTRIC JUICE  It's time to attack the brain cortex wiring and complete this phase of the project. Let's get some electric juice going! The jar is home to the brain cortex. Every home needs electrical wiring and the brain's jar is no different. The electric juice will power the brain, lighting, speaker, and sensors.

Wire each twin power unit like this
The next step is wiring the power unit. In this procedure, the battery holders are removed and the ends (+ and -) black and red wires are connected together with yellow twists. Be consistent by connecting the wires on the right sides of the twin holders.

Snap in a size D battery into each battery holder.
Insert batteries outside of the jar
Initially we're using Zinc Carbon batteries (Philips LongLife R20).

Now cut four black wires and four green wires, each 5-inches long, and strip the ends. Connect these with yellow twists to the left side wires on the battery holders. Attach a small piece of Scotch tape to insulate
Taped ends prevents shorts
one end of each wire to prevent a short during the installation.

Measure the voltage of each twin power unit. Remember, a twin power unit equals two batteries and two battery holders connected together in series to obtain 3 volts. (The voltage of new batteries not under load
Finished wiring - test shows 3.13 volts
will be slightly higher than 3 volts.)

Reinstall all battery holders, remembering their correct positions to fit into the jar holes.

Gather up all the green wires, insert one 5" length of green solid wire, and twist the ends together with the  yellow twist. Repeat for the red wires. The two lengths of solid wire will connect to the solderless breadboard. Use a plastic clothes pin to hold all the ends together. Test again for voltage. In the test, the meter shows 3.13 volts for new Zinc-Carbon D cell batteries connected together. Note: during this procedure, the Solar Panel red and black wires are left floating. These may connect later to the solderless breadboard.

The Chinese yellow wire twists are sold in Taiwan, in a package of 20 for NT$20 obtained from the dollar store. The brand is manufactured under authority of Sellery Inc. California USA, and the DIY item number is TE-18. http://www.sellerytools.com  886-2-26103915

Note: The battery holders each have a red and black connection wire. Supply a 5-inch length of wire and connect it to the lowest wire nearest to the jar floor. This enables it to reach the top where similar colored wires connect together. 

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