Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brain Cortex Spirit Thermometer Install Part 47

Thermometer locates between two power units


Position black and red wires behind the thermometer
It's important to monitor the jar's core battery temperature status when recharging. This inexpensive and simple solution will do just that!

At the moment batteries become warm during the charging process, it's an indication the charging process is complete.

It may also indicate that the trickle charger is trickling too much and adjustment to the charging power grid is required.

Unit is next to the solar panel grid
This blog details the installation of a low cost small spirit thermometer inside the Brain Cortex jar. The thermometer is placed in a position, opposite the electric thermometer and lower in between two twin power units to read their heat signature.

The position of the single spirit thermometer is a drop down in between the corners of two twin power units.

The spirit filled traditional small thermometer has ~ -30 to +50 degree Centigrade scale, intended for food freezer use. The unit is part number G-590. The glass tube is the same length as a 1.5-volt D-size battery. 

It has a scale in one degree increments. The goal is to attach or place this thermometer to the proximity of a battery and monitor the charging temperature during the charging process, and continuously monitor the battery temperature to assure everything is nominal.

Accurate reading of the tiny scale may need a magnifier
The thermometer can stay mounted inside the jar, remaining with close contact with a single battery for continuous monitoring and inspections.

The analog temperature will be read through the transparent jar by visual inspection, as the unit is placed in contact with the interior transparent jar wall.

Early tests show the higher mounted electric thermometer reading 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the spirit thermometer, which contacts the jar floor, reading 72 degrees Fahrenheit, a nominal temperature difference of 1 degree due to the strata positioning.

Like other traditional thermometers of this type, there is no maintenance. Purchaed from a dollar store, at more than a dollar, the cost was NT$85. The thermometer may be purchased at this source:

The spirit thermometer can be used in tandem with the electric thermometer, obtaining a cross gradient and cross section of battery and jar room temperature, for better assessment of the jar's Eco-environment.

Principle concern is for the electronics, especially the Parallax Propeller chip which is rated at a median temperature of 50 C during tests according the to specification sheet.

There is a meltdown jar temperature and this limit may be reached long before the Propeller chip upper limit is reached.

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