Saturday, December 7, 2013

Brain Cortex Time Part 50

How long can this old electric machine brain live throughout the ravishes of time? Can this machine brain break the barrier from Shallow Time and enter into the cosmic realm of Deep Time? Will the project dream of moving closer towards the ultimate journey of immortality ever be fulfilled?
How can we explain the inexplicable? What is the progression of time inside the brain cortex jar as it moves towards eternity? Is is possible to break the barriers of a short term time and lead into long term time?

When it comes to the machine brain and technology inside the Universe, and inside the jar, there are at least two types of time - Deep Time and Shallow Time. Earthlings composed of biological material experience Shallow Time, which is a time reference frame that merely exists on the surface of a much deeper time frame.

For example, Earthlings live on the average close to 80 years, some more, some less. However this is but a mere blink of an eye in the realm of the grand cosmic time frame, our home, which takes billions and billions of years to see the motions of spinning galaxies and the evo periods of a changing Universe.

So is it possible to create a machine that can cross over from one time frame to another? Can the machine brain cortex in a jar cross over from Shallow Time into Deep Time? We believe the answer is yes but to accomplish this is not so easy. The solution will depend on creating a brain that can live far longer than the blink of an eye within the cosmos, a machine brain that can live not just hundreds of years but well into the thousands of years.

How can this be accomplished? Some ways moving towards this goal are longer life components, the ability to replace components, a schedule of continuing maintenance, ability to repair anomalies, avoidance of catastrophe, a jar handover based on repeated strings of caretakers, and a lasting design that can carry it far into the future. It is also beneficial to have plans for upgrades, to redesign the containment as old parts become obsolete and can no longer be found, and to incorporate new technologies into the design.

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