Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blast Off Into Space

Floating in Near Space, the spacecraft appeared in the foreground in this view photographed when looking back at planet Earth. The fight and mission is a Big Brain Machine space exploration initiative funded by the Big Brain program and the Humanoido Lab Foundation and investors. The spacecraft is leased from Mainland China and successfully launches one American into space and makes a safe retrieval during the mission.
Saturday January 4th, 2014

With the first Manned Mission in January of 2014, the Big Brain's robust space program launched a morning craft into Near Space. The launch and flight were successful and the entire mission went relatively smooth without a hitch.

The swinging camera in space sadly recorded vast death dominions of poisonous upper atmosphere clouds and a blanket of gray matter atmospheric pollution, with life threatening smog, extending as far as the space eye could see over the Asian continent, attributed to fierce industrial manufacturing, the release of deadly chemicals, burning of garbage and horrific release of dangerous gas and particulate matter.
Enhanced photo - Earth pollution gradient level studies
Studies included a photographic mission, atmospheric phenomena, the transit of Earth horizon atmospheric gradients, content and water vapor relative to altitude, early low level cloud formation, and numerous other studies.

The Earth cartography mission was abandoned due to ground level pollution and smog being at an all time high level. This changed the mission to one of a deadly smog and pollution study.
Large machine aerospace hydrodynamic pump

The spacecraft reached about 7 miles altitude with a downrange speed of 486 mph. Temps reached -46 deg. F. in space when the downrange distance of 185 miles was exceeded.
A RESTRICTED AREA  Area 27 is like a vacated ghost town with no residents or apparent occupancy. It has this large unknown structure for dealing with spacecraft launching. No information is available regarding its purpose. Other than a launch deliver hatch housing, most objects are simply unidentifiable. Photo was shot through several reflective windows causing some reflections of various posted signs.

One known glitch is the lack of space craft air regulation and most of the flight was excessive in heat causing the astronaut undue discomfort. This is a common anomaly in Chinese origin or modified craft. This is also due to pressure of the spacecraft and the lack of thermally environmentally controlled individual space suits to keep the missions on a minimal budget. At this time, budget missions do not include space walks.

The higher the altitude, rising above pollution, the darker space became. At this altitude, the Earth itself is still too bright with a lot of reflected sunlight causing the inability to see objects in the galaxy or solar system. This is because the flights are suborbital in daylight for various reasons. No stars or planets were seen.

As usual in these space missions, some equipment is photographed for the mission. This is presumably the pump for highly refined and maximum rocket fuel delivery to fill the tanks on the craft.

Area 27 is off limits and has presumably a very large tracking station on top of the spacecraft center regional housing structure as seen through this reflective window shot. Though we cannot be sure of its purpose, it could also serve as a massive device to vent strange materials or toxic production gases.

The roof is geometrically sinusoidal in shape and houses the giant duct appearing device within the low negative slope of the roof. Several man sized objects are visible however it's strange that no people are in this vicinity.