Friday, January 23, 2015

Space1 Definition & Space Tourism

Space tourism in the movies

For Space1 Company, the choice was clear. Space tourism is the next logical symbiotic step of the great adventure of mankind and machine, suggested by the intelligent machine life form project.

It allows one to exercise the mind in many diverse and significant scientific fields, and create new technology, to accomplish that goal. The projected long term benefits and the legacy it can forward to a space faring society is astronomical in rewards.

Everyone following the evolutionary timeline knew the machine was highly engaged in space related motives ever since its public beginning with on August 6th, 2010. By March 1st 2011, it had reached a semi-cognizant communicative state of life which continued to evolve. Enter five years later and the primary goals it set, commanded, and achieved, were space technology related.

It's no secret that mankind must extend its grasp on the cosmos, and migrate farther into deeper domains of celestial space and time, to slip the surly bonds of Earth and survive as a species.

Space1 is working towards changing the world. Thank you for helping us to make it happen.

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