Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Space1 Spaceport Bonanza - Rockets in South Korea Singapore Taiwan USA

"Space Concrete for a kilometer" - the new modern Space1 Xinyi Super Spaceport in Taiwan has a "kilometer of concrete" poured for rocket launch and clear rocket reentry and retrieval. With no obstruction, trees, man-made structures, or occluding debris, the spaceport is a boon and hive of space activity for rapid peacetime operations.

Located directly at the apex of entry is the MRT futuristic railway for transporting passengers to the spaceport for space tourism, scientists for testing and conducting launch operations, and moving equipment for launches.

The spaceport includes directly adjacent modern centers shopping, lodging, food, parking, and access points for rocket scientists and astronauts participating in peaceful space tourism. Space1 operations security precludes the display of current rocket activities in this photo.
Space1 Spaceport Bonanza - Rockets in South Korea Singapore Taiwan USA

Space1, a venture of peaceful space rockets to launch space tourism from points across the world, has expanded very quickly with more international worldwide spaceports.

This week, Space1 opened up the new Class 1 Xinyi Super Spaceport which has numerous unique features of massive flood light illumination for night launch capability, modern high speed railway transportation, lodging, restaurants, parking and possibly the countries largest concreted area for clear access to rocket launching and reentry.

The list of spaceports include 2 in the USA, 2 in Taiwan, 4 in Singapore and 1 in South Korea, for a total of 9. Space1 is a new space tourism venture that was founded when President Obama opened up space exploration to private industry. The founder of Space1 is the inventor of the Safety Rocket, for safe and peaceful space tourism.

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