Saturday, March 21, 2015

Space1 Hong Kong Spaceport

Saturday March 21 2015
An Asian Arena Summit Meeting was held in Hong Kong with the President to officially establish Space1's newest SpacePort for launching Space Tourism Safety Rockets. Hong Kong is the latest country with an established SpaceOne spaceport, and joins the collective that includes the USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Macao.

The number of countries occupied by Space1 is six, and the number of Space1 spaceports is 11. At this time, the exact location of spaceports is not revealed. For more information about tickets for space tours and reservations, contact Space1.

USA                2
Taiwan             2
South Korea        1
Singapore          4
Hong Kong          1
Macao              1
Total              11

Space1 is a high technology peaceful rocket space venture designed to establish safe space tourism across the world. Humanoido, founder, CEO, and rocket scientist, has invented the Space Tourism Safety Rocket, designed to assure complete safety of all those on space tour.