Sunday, May 17, 2015

Toyota Scion IQ Mobile Observatory

The concept was invented by Humanoido ten years ago, using the Chevrolet Cavalier subcompact vehicle and a Meade GOTO computerized telescope. Now, the new updated mobile observatory, called the IQ Mobile Observatory, is based on the USA distributed car made by Toyota Scion. This is the smallest and most powerful mobile observatory ever designed at United Humanoido Laboratories.

The model IQ is the smallest car made by Toyota in 2015 and has significant cubic space available when the rear seats are in the down position. At this location, a high powered and dense array of science equipment is stowed. When the hatchback is unlocked, the telescope is unveiled and the mobile observatory appears.

The mobile observatory is driven to a dark country location where temporary observing will be optimal. As this is a full celestial observatory, access to power and accessories are available. The IQ can also carry blankets, provide napping or sleeping for two, and stow food. 

The IQ has air conditioning, lighting for reviewing data, heating for brusque nights and a phone center for communications. It's also a good refuge against mosquitoes in the field.

It's possible to extend functions with a tiny two wheel trailer which opens up into a camper with equipment, cooking stove, porta potty, housing tent, and additional amenities of home.

Photos: The Smart car, with about the same horsepower engine is capable of pulling the illustrated trailer. The example shows that a more powerful Scion IQ car can also pull a trailer. In another example design, the trailer itself can become the observatory, housing the telescope and equipment. The snap off roof can be a waterproof canvas material for the ultimate in light weight portability.

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