Saturday, July 25, 2015

Space1 Fantastic Rocket Technology

Today, Space1 released news of its fantastic rocket technology, allowing anyone to journey as a tourist up into the Heavens! High technology makes the trip 100% safe, ensuring a safe flight and mission, with the ability to see, hear, feel, and experience space flight like never before.

"Looking towards the future of space technology" Our vision is your vision. Space1 allows you to partake in the future of space flight. Space1 will heavily incorporate humanoid robotics to the most important duties both on land and in the sky, to open up and extend space touring much farther into the unlimited depths of space.
Stairway to the Heavens initiative
Conducted by Space1, safe flights are made possible in the World Space Program, by means of the Safety Rocket, a proprietary invention by the Founder and Rocket Engineer of Space1. Founded in January of 2014 and with launch sites in five countries and more on the way, Space1 is the fastest growing space tourism program in the world.

Space1 has a eye on capturing the future of advanced space flight technology and developing new ways to enable you to reach the Moon, planets and solar system objects (comets, asteroids, ring systems). 

Stay tuned as we release the Stairway to the Heavens initiative and Step Up To The Sky package. Sky Package will include your ticket and all things necessary to make your space reservation a reality.

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