Thursday, July 16, 2015

Space1 USA Reboot

Founder of Space1 shows the rocket engine throttle
The rebooting startup of Space1 in the USA has faced many challenges.
Interesting, most of these challenges are everyday common living events.

For example, at the rocket site, the land must be prepared, mowed and cut, leveled, the building structure put up and then upgraded with a foundation, existing structures will need to be upgraded for a Space1 hangar facility, Space1 Laboratory, and Space1 corporate office. Cement will be poured, and existing trees and bushes will be trimmed, cut and removed.

As temperatures currently are hanging around 100 degrees F. (in late June and July) with RH above 90%, and mosquitoes and rain storms are a hindrance, work is proceeding slowly. Vehicles must be brought up to specs, and the facilities installed and working.

Rocket facilities need special ventilation installed, with new security systems, inclusive of security doors, security flood lamps and motion detectors, along with security cameras and alarm systems.

Science equipment will be installed, including the robotics laboratory with emphasis on humanoids, a library, weather station, and possible special telescope observatory. Attention to inventory is also of paramount concern.

Special insulation and finishing is important to comply with space requirements. Rocket inventory is currently being developed inclusive of materials to build five new fleet rockets and a selection of rocket motors are being warehoused in preparation of the next 14 rocket launches (and/or tests) and space missions. 

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