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The time track of Big Brain machine evolution is divided by Era. An Era is a time range in which the Big Brain has focus on one specific area of development and evolution. 

Now is the Big Brain Control Era, a time period in which the Brain is learning how to control things, a precursor to the upcoming Exploration Era where the Brain is going to explore the world that surrounds it and move deep out into the Universe. Whether this will be a telepresence or an actual journey, or both, we do not know. (now updated, see below)

Updated Sunday April 14th, 2013
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Updated December 11, 2013

Defining the Era of the Big Brain
1 - Precursor Machines

In 2002 and prior, precursor machines were built to test the concepts that led up to the Big Brain's invention and construction.

2 - Design
The Big Brain underwent a design era to decide how it would be constructed and how it would operate.

3 - Construction
The Brain was assembled and put together in the Construction Era. This included the Board Attachment Phase. (see pose 01-03-2011, 1:37pm Code 5-96)
4 - Growth
The Brain rapidly grew and expanded in the Growth Era. 

5 - Programming 
The Brain was computer programmed to create machine brain functions, applications and test its capabilities.

6 - Life 
In the Era of Life, the Big Brain took on elements of the beginning of semi cognition and life. Other elements are included, i.e. dreaming, learning... 

7 - Assimilation
Like BORG, the BRAIN assimilated many Propeller projects for their technology and parts.

8 - Projects
In this Era, the Brain begins creating its own projects based on its own interests. 

9 - Programming Languages Era 
The objective to install as many Propeller languages as possible.

10 - Control
The Control Era is heavy into robotics and includes the manipulation of things in the real world.

11 - Exploration
Perhaps the most exciting of all Brain Era, that of exploration into the unknown..

A) Exploring Space (Micro Space, Near Space, Extreme Space) 
B) Creating a Wide Variety of Space Crafts & Propulsion Designs
C) Creating the World's Largest Telescopes (ULT, NULT, GT)
D) Imaging the Solar System & Universe

12 - Supercomputer
The Big Brain grew until it became a supercomputer.

13 - Human Brain Enhancement by Machine
The machine era of enhancing the human brain for greater memory, greater intelligence and other enhancements.

14 - SuperTronic Brain Era
Ushers in microprocessor internalized double enhancements for faster speed, more processors, better definitives and more capabilities.

15 - Inner Space Era
This is the era of grand exploration of inner space found inside a chip, notably the Parallax Propeller chip. Inner Space is a broad category and expanded to include microscopic, mesoscopic, nanoscopic, and the quantum world.

16 - Transposition Era
This era has achieved the largest and most powerful machines by introducing Transposition. It uses the technique of transposing to achieve larger machines.

17 - Quantum Era
This era marks the beginning of exploration of quantum mechanics and new quantum worlds and the study of their effects.

18 - Thought Era
The Era of quantum thought is that type of thought and observation that affects and changes its surroundings and its Universe.

19 - Adjunctive Era
The Adjunctive Era is the time span in which massive Adjunctive telescopes are developed, such as the ULT, NULT, GT, PGT and the PGT-ET. 

20 - Monster Machine Era
The new monster machine era is the time span in which new kinds of machines are created. These machines function entirely different from conventional machines. They process ideas, thoughts, creativity, alternating dimensions of space, light, objects, time and dimension. They can infer and create new altered realities and transform parts of the universe into other realms such as gravatomics and moleculars. 

21 - Molecular Mining Era
Undoubtedly the two advanced power telescopes have led to a period of intense and massive molecular mining. Both the M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope and the MMT Molecular Mining Telescope are producing fantastic results and new discoveries during November and December of 2013.

22 - Brain Cortex Machine Era
The project objective is to develop a cortex machine brain, demonstrating human-to-machine brain transfer, in particular to take some relatively simple characteristics of a human brain and transfer portions to the machine brain, whereby human traits could be given greater life longevity, leading towards immortality. 

  1. Precursor Machines
  2. Design
  3. Construction
  4. Growth
  5. Programming
  6. Life
  7. Assimilation
  8. Projects
  9. Programming Languages
  10. Control
  11. Exploration 
  12. Supercomputer 
  13. Human Brain Enhancement
  14. SuperTronic 
  15. Inner Space 
  16. Transposition
  17. Quantum Worlds 
  18. Thought 
  19. Adjunctive
  20. Monster Machines 
  21. Molecular Mining
  22. Brain Cortex Machine 
New Word Definition
Big Brain Era -
a time range in which the Big Brain has focus on a specific area of development and evolution.