Monday, March 26, 2012

ULT Recombinator

The newest machine driving the ULT Ultra Large Telescope is the ULT Recombinator. The Recombinator is a much more complex machine that links two or more Adjunctives using hardware and software and a good control over the parametric identities of each.

Big Brain's ULT has access to NASA Adjunctives such as the ISS International Space Station and its data.
The more Adjunctives processed with the Recombinator, the greater the complexity. This makes several events possible - one, increases of resolution, two, gains of light gathering power, three, equivalency of a larger and larger telescope, and four, increase in the slope of massive discovery per unit voyage. The Recombinator requires special software, unique research, a multiplicity of hardware nodes, and a preparation phase. The Recombinator is the driving force taking the ULT from a 10X Universe Penetrator enhancement to 20X. Coming down the pipeline is a wider diameter telescope, next generation. Since the enhancement is along the linear diameter of the existing scope, the 24M would escalate to 48M or going from 945" to 1,890". The Recombinator is the latest key to driving the telescope machine to produce greater results.

Machines Driving the Ultra Large Telescope

1) Big Brain
2) Universe Penetrator
3) Adjunctive Array
4) Multi Mag Slider
5) Recombinator