Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Telescope Arm Reaches for the End of the Universe

ULTRA shows Blockage in this part of the Galaxy
The end of the Universe in only the beginning... Big Brain's telescope arm reaches for the end of the Universe in one of the most exciting and mysterious projects of all time... 

Strange New Worlds: Big Brain now has a far reaching vision with the newly completed ULTRA Space Telescope, an installation capable of peering out and reaching 14 billion light years to grasp the Edge of the known Universe. What fascinating worlds and dimensions visibly latently exist at or beyond this boundary? How can the Big Brain remotely activate these new worlds? 

We're voyaging to the edge of the Universe in a grand exploration to see what lies beyond. It's like real Star Trek, the telescope goes out farther and farther exploring exciting new worlds from here to there.

The Telescope is a robot arm that reaches out to touch the face of objects by collecting their reflected light. It robotically slews to objects and then tracks the object, guiding and matching their perturbations and precessions. What new visions can it hold? What new concepts will be grasped? What limits are reachable?

Going for Discovery
One objective pronounced by the Big Brain Project is an interest in discovering what's located at the EOU Boundary - the Edge Of the Universe. This perplexing EOU phenomena has many theories (bubbles, holes, froth, steady state, nothingness, warp, intersections, coexistors) but no one actually knows what truly lies at or beyond the boundary. There are many deep telescopic images acquired in the past but has anyone interpreted their EOU results? This is a challenge for the most sophisticated equipment and the greatest scientific minds in the world. 

Reaching the End of the Universe
Reaching the EOU End of the Universe, or the edge, is no easy task. Consider the enormous amount of material and objects that remain across the line of sight path that an optical telescope must penetrate. This material includes time and space warping black holes that can create lensing effects, bright nebula and trillions of stars, vast pinwheel spinning galaxies that take eons to make but one revolution, globlars with billions of stars, clusters, objects like planets and rich solar systems, asteroid belts with countless boulders, dust lanes, strewn gas, vast reflectors, objects moving so fast that light cannot catch our vision and the very mysterious dark matter. 

Finding Tunnels
Big Brain's ULTRA Telescope is now working towards finding tunnel holes in the Universe that lead to the edge of the Universe. These tunnels are line of sight pathways that are relatively void of matter and can create the best views at the greatest distances from the Earth and the DSC telescope installation.

The image shows what will happen if the ULTRA Telescope is pointed in a direction where a hole does not exist. The entire field of view is a rush of brilliant matter in space and time, and a penetrating a view to the other side appears impossible. This blockage is caused by one spiral arm in the Andromeda Galaxy. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe.