Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before & Beyond the ULT

Propeller Powered Big Brain
Astronomers, both amateurs and professionals call it aperture fever. It takes only one time of looking through a telescope to come down with a fever of wanting larger telescopes to see more and more. AND when you get that larger telescope and view what can be viewed, you'll want a larger sized telescope to view more! It's a never ending story.

With the introduction of new inventions and new thinking with advanced designs, the ULT has the option of numerous upgrades, several of which were tested recently. The next option is to create new telescopes that are a quantum leap larger in diameter by factors such as 100X, 1,000X and 10,000X. Because these will have their own calculations, design and persona, they will also have unique names and science. The following categories are defined:

Historical Telescopes - Used, Designed and Built by Humanoido
Glass Optics Telescopes

1-inch Refractor FT First Telescope
This was the first telescope, a 30mm used to observe the Moon and Saturn, plus solar projections, first study was regarding red and blue fringing of achromatic aberration

2.4-inch Refractor GOTO Telescope
Computer controlled GOTO

3-inch Reflector F11
This reflector provided the first views of M42, M31, Saturn, and Titan

3-inch Reflector F3.95
Experiments in automation, robot control, machine brain interfacing

4.25-inch F11 PT Powerful Telescope
First studies of the Moon, Jupiter and Mars, Lunar Mapping. Imaged detail on Ganymede. Strong Jupiter studies and focus on Jupiter moons. Used for determining the speed of light and various astrophysics studies, film development and hypering

4.25-inch F2.9 Space Telescope
Used as the primary objective in creating an amateur space telescope for launching on the Shuttle's Getaway Special program

8-inch F3 Schmidt Camera
A Schmidt camera, study of spherical mirrors, curving film, wide FOV astrophotography, mounting, techniques

8-inch F6.3
Primary work horse telescope leading to many studies (see the 10X 80-inch MT Massive Telescope), dry ice camera, super cooled imaging, planetary cartography, cometary studies

12.5-inch F6 OT Observatory Telescope
Entered the CCD era with imaging, automation and computer control, discovered a new star, worked with Hubble Space Telescope et. al., accomplished many studies

40-inch Diameter Very Large Telescope VLT
Designed with a COSMAC ELF 1802 Computer, 144 Servo Mechanism, Real Time Figurable, Electric Filters, Vitual Cooling, Mirror Matrix Mounting, Computer Designed, 10 Year Project

Specialty Telescopes by Humanoido's Propeller Powered Big Brain Machine

Water Drop Telescope
The Micron Telescope
The Multiple Lens Telescope
The Camera Telescope
The Cam Telescope 
The Pinhole Telescope 
The Crater Telescope

Historical Telescopes with Resin Optics Designed and Built by Humanoido

52-Inch GT Giant Telescope
Innovative Resin Primary, Remote Ocular, Electric Focus, Auto
Figuring, Styrofoam Mirror Mounting, Ultra Light Telescope, Gravity

52-Inch GTT Giant Telescope Twin
Explored the Limits of Primary Extreme Mounting, Storage,
Handling, Surfacing Study, Weight Study, Experiments

Synthetic Aperture Telescopes Built by Humanoido

10X 30-inch Synthetic MB Made Big Telescope
Amplified performance 10X

10X 42.5-inch NT New Technique Telescope
Imaged detail on Ganymede, developed first enhancements in film hypering, cooling, sensitizing, flashing, summation

10X 80-inch MT Massive Telescope
A synthetic professionally acclaimed telescope with winning results - Mars Map, Mars Weather, Cometary Calculus, Occultation, Rings of
Saturn, Martian Polar Cap, Mars Dust Storms, Jupiter Storms, Digital
Image Processing, Star of Bethlehem, Venus Conjunctions, Moons of
Jupiter eclipse & Occultation, Determining the Speed of Light

10X 125-inch EOT Enhanced Observatory Telescope
Stellar Mapping, Discovered New Star, CCD, VIP Video Image
Processor, OPTICS Language Written, Thermodynamic Equalizer
Observatory with a Voice, Observatory Droid System

10X 400-inch AET Amplified Electric Telescope
Study in Massive Light Bucketing, Amplification, Enhancement

10X 520-inch MET Monster Eye Telescope
Experimental, Secondary Experiments 

New Hybrid Synthetics - Telescopes with Singular Linear Adjunctive Universe Penetrator Design

10X 945-Inch, 24-Meter, ULT Ultra Large Telescope
Discovered Saturnian Rocks, Discovered Multi Storms inside the
GRS, Ultra Deep Imaging, Penetration to over 13 Billion Light Years
Near the Edge of the Universe Boundary (EOU), Penetrated the
Globular Stellar Abyss, the Farthest Two Galaxies at the Edge of the
Universe, Deepest Galactic Penetration into 2.6 Million LY Zone,
Planet Outside Our Solar System, Pluto Detail Imaging, Multi-Meter
Lunar Res with Lunar Adjunctive, Experimental, Inventive,
Exploratory, Breaking New Technology, Relatively Easy to Use,
Big Brain Enabled

New Hybrid Synthetics - Telescopes with New Multi Selective Dimensional Adjunctive Universe Penetrator Designs Completed

100X 9,450-inch, 240-meter ET Extreme Telescope
This telescope is the first with multiple Adjuncts - a synthetic aperture of Multi Adjunctive design and heralds in a new era of telescopes, size is .15-mile diameter or 787-feet wide. This is equal to about twenty 40-foot wide skyscrapers placed end to end.

1,000X 94,500-inch, 2,400-meter HT Hercules Telescope
This telescope has a synthetic aperture of 1.5 miles

New Hybrid Synthetics - Telescopes with New Multiple Additive Dimensional Adjunctive Universe Penetrator Designs Completed

10,000X 945,000-inch, 24,000-meter ST Super Telescope
This telescope has a synthetic aperture of 15 miles

100,000X 9,450,000-inch 240,000-meter CT Colossus Telescope
This telescope is 150 miles wide

NWT New World Telescope
Estimating an extremely powerful synthetic aperture of 1,500-miles in diameter, linked in space to Earth, this new world telescope will puncture holes through gravity, space, time, and dimension, with phase cutting through nebula and interstellar dust & matter like a hot butter knife, reaching the farthest places throughout the Universe. Along with new technology, this telescope will be the next design building upon the 150-mile synthetic aperture telescope and previous technology.

Going Beyond ET - How It Was Accomplished

The New Multi Selective Adjunctive design was the next step in making massive gains in resolution and increasing the aperture by a quantum leap. The ULT uses a singular Adjunctive and now with use of multiple Adjunctives ushers in the age of the ET Extreme Telescope and beyond. What's beyond ET?

These new large telescope are made possible with the use of the new Accumulator invention. The new Accumulator invention for the ULT Telescope is simply revolutionary because it enables a quantum jump increase in apparent resolution and telescope size. It accomplishes this by combining the data from two or more, or many Adjuncts. The Accumulator can also sum the accumulated data from a single Adjunct, making the entire Telescope perform with significant enhancement. No longer is the Universe Penetrator (UP) the only device that can increase and amplify telescope resolution and apparent size (by 10X). The Accumulator has brought about enhancements of 100X and 1000X on top of the UP's capabilities. Along with the UP, this converts to 1000X and 10,000X. This is not an empty magnification reference at all, but rather references resolutions that determine functional aperture of the Telescope. It puts the telescope aperture into the range (from 24 meters) of 1.5, 15, and 150 miles wide. The accumulator also increase the clarity and field penetration yielding new powerful data about places in space and time.

The GT Genius Telescope
Note: As of July 2012, a new behemoth telescope is complete - the GT Genius Telescope, with three aperture modes (the 1.5-mile, a 15-mile, and the 150-mile)

Telescope Naming Conventions
The choice of telescope names is from the following pool (Bolded names are taken, the remainder are taken for development names) New World, Mammoth, Amplified, Monstrous, Monster, Far Reaching Penetrator, Massive, Far Reaching Arm, Eye, Behemoth, Herculean, Enhanced, Enormous, Extreme, Giant, Gargantuan, Massive, Colossal, Huge, Electric, Humongous, EE Elucidating Eye, Very Large, Ultra Large, Immense, New World, Vast, Twin, Hulk, Super, New Technique, GT Genius Telescope