Thursday, March 29, 2012

ULT Stellar Abyss Mission

Propeller Powered Big Brain
All resources are now placed on the current ULT Deep Space Stellar Abyss Mission. Were traveling at the speed of light beyond the Solar System in ULT Obverse Voyaging Mode bringing in light from the 276,700 year mark located in a deep and vast stellar abyss. What we find inside is completely unspeakable! Please wait! We'll post results shortly from this mission..

The ULT Deep Space Stellar Abyss Mission is the first to use the upgraded Voyaging Craft Window specifying the PIP Parametric Identity Pool. The results go so deep and the reveal is so incredible - this is one journey not to miss! This accomplishment represents the combined efforts of Humanoido, the Propeller Powered Big Brain, the DSC Deep Space Center, the ULT Space Administration and NASA.