Monday, October 15, 2012

Molecular Stage Cascader

Build a Molecular Stage Cascader for the PGT Telescope

Work has proceeded behind the scenes to remove the GMM (Genius Molecular Microscope) Microscope’s "Microscopy Amplifier Cascader MAC" and rework it to construct and establish a new "MSC Molecular Stage Cascader" with the intention of fitting it onto the massive PGT Telescope to see what gains result.

-- It's like attaching a microscope to a telescope and attaining useful increases of MAG. --

First, the MAC is sectioned off from the GMM and then adapted to pipe fittings of the PGT. Keep in mind, these are data pipes of a different kind involving the handling and dissemination of data though electronics and electro optics. There’s an estimated 14 fields of technology wrapped into the PGT Telescope. Taking the MAC and converting it to the MSC for use with the PGT could result in all new technology and potential discoveries. It’s a chance the Big Brain is willing to take, with the investment of time, energy and thought power to make this new machine happen.

The first test will obtain a baseline data set and create a specific strip FOV and engage the MSC on a selected regio. We will leave the MSC running in the AMP Cascading mode for fourteen cycles and then create a comparison pool noting the gains. The interest is in the number of cascations possible without the result of empty MAG. Some peak number will result from which the machine will tune.