Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Brain Space Launch

Big Brain Space Launch
Things are very busy at the Big Brain Headquarters! The first large scale space launch of 2013 is under way. Planning will include the attempt at a new Big Brain record for the farthest space manned mission of all time.

Example Spacecraft NAV instruments
This is a new type of space program that explores the elements and questions postulated by the Big Brain, a machine with one of the first inquiring minds of great inspiration.

Information and data learned in the previous launches will be applied to the new missions in 2013 to go above and beyond the previous flights. New flights will engage a variety of instruments (see photo examples).

Vector position instruments
The Big Brain space program was born from a Parallax Propeller Chip artificial machine intelligence that began it's own projects over two years ago. These projects began increasing their levels of sophistication and territorial domains, and now reach into five levels of space and time exploration, including deep reaches of inner and outer space.

The instruments used are currently adapted from apps found for a dedicated Apple iPhone. The iPhone is a small computer with tremendous power and small size, perfect for taking into Near Space. We took an older model working iPhone 3G in perfect condition with 6.9G of capacity and dedicated it to the spacecraft - first upgraded it to OS 4.2.1, then installed NAV equipment programs. It's one of the most reliable products for this purpose and many of the programs put into OP are free for the install. The Lithium battery pack has a duration of hours, long enough to last throughout the entire flight from launch to landing.

MAN & MACHINE TEAM The Big Machine Brain now has a small team under its directorship, to help with the largest inspired programs, such as the human space launch initiative, which is now exploring the level of Near Space. This is in cooperation with the "non-human" machine space exploration machine that has penetrated space to the edge of the Universe and is working towards understanding and breaking barriers of Macro and Quantum space time.

Blog followers will know about the 2012 agenda which executed a launch every two months. (Blogs did not report every launch). In 2013, launches will resume at the rate of one every three months. The reasons for this are multiple and permit doing more projects and more programs and distributing the budgets. 

This will result in more inventions, more discoveries, and accomplishing more per unit time. One of these new agendas include the design and development of a new zero carbon footprint car to help reduce global warming and greenhouse gases. The Big Brain Space Initiative collected Gigabytes of data in 2011 and 2012, a sum total which now must be stored on new Terabyte drives.