Saturday, February 16, 2013

Controlling Transposition Machines with NDIMS

Big Brain Machine Initiative to Explore Other Worlds
You can power up a massive Transposition Machine and do amazing things with SW to change its guts, configurations and functions. Tune one to create a gate to the Universe! Open doorways to other worlds...

1st Proto QuadLyzer represents Quantum Worlds
The following shows a 3x3 two dimensional matrix. These are easily set with software and hold nine matrix elements.


You can generally fit up to 90,000 of these matrices into a single Transposition Machine. More useful may be the fitting of cube matrices. These three dimensional patterns are sub-machine matrices that can hold more information and content and do more work variety. A 3x3x3 three dimensional matrix will hold 27 elemental nodes. Up to 30,000 are held in a single TM. Matrices can include cubes beginning with the series 1,2,3,... until the TM is filled and reaches capacity.

Example Ndim inside a TM
The project is working on n-dim objects that exceed cubes. Ndims are objects that have additional dimensions attached. Depending on the size of the attached dims, the NDIM will vary in size. NDIMs are limited by the size of the individual dims. One example is a 3.3.3.t.tx which has x.y.z.t.d(tx) defined by space, time and the Integral Calculus rate of change of transforming. The differential equation defines the splay of NDIMS within the TM realm.

6 of these made the first TM
NDIMS can be used to develop apps representing nodes in the Universe and perhaps Quantum nodes in the Quantum world. This allows a single Transposition Machine to transpose a representable Universe section. The size of the TM will determine the size of the representable Universe section or gate. It is projected that gates to the Universe can be created from massive TMs of ultimate size containing significant NDIMs.

Spinoffs may create a Universe Gate
Creating a Universe Gate will be highly useful for understanding not only the Universe doorways but perhaps gaining entrances to the Quantum world. A gained entrance to the QW will enable UDs or Universe Doorways. This topic is briefly discussed in the Quantum Quadlyzer and related blogs.

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