Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Hole Floaters & Red Matter

Inside the heart and center of a Black Hole, Red Matter and a White Floater undergo enigmatic molecular transformation. Power Dynamic Telescope image.
and Red Matter Mystery
Another mystery and new discovery emerged today when images returned from the Power Dynamic PDT Telescope, showing white floaters and red matter, were subjected to study at the Power Dynamic Telescope Control and Processing Center.

What is this red matter domain and what are these floaters inside the black hole? Why does one transform the other? —

The image shows a red domain and white floaters. The view is aimed at the heart and center of the black hole and at several mystery objects, named floaters, also deep inside.

The real enigma is the transformation of the center floater object as it appears to have transparency, change color and transform when it floats over the apparent underlying domain object.

The floater objects appear to have a white base color but when one passes over the red domain object, it obviously changes color to yellow. Another white floater is evident, with two more intensive whitish globules inside.

A yellow border on the floater object appears to be generated by the red domain object and just on the other side, the color abruptly turns bright white. A marked and profound delineation appears between the two objects and a border is established. This mystery deepens when examining additional imagery.