Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Hole Contort Space

Strange Erie Relativistic Space Warped by Temporal Time


While other astronomers are focused on the jets from these black holes, the Big Brain Initiative is looking at the very luminous heart’s center, where relativistic event space is warped and the curvature of time is changed by huge gravity. This data can provide information for solving the riddle of going beyond the singularity when space and time was born in the Universe.

In this very deep image, the very distant galaxy 3C348 Hercules A, located 2.1 billion light years from the Earth, is penetrated to reveal the black hole at its core. Next, we used the Power Dynamic Telescope to penetrate further, deep within the black hole and its vicinity.

This image represents a very massive undertaking. The giant Power Dynamic Telescope uses nearly 30 Adjunctives for penetrating deep inside the elliptical galaxy’s core and mining this powerful black hole treasure. This far in, contort space looks strange and erie, warped by temporal time.

The black hole object  has such high gravity that not even light can escape. The image shows matter glow from the mad rush of incoming matter into the black hole itself as it’s crunched into fundamental molecular mush. This black hole was likely formed when a massive star died and its core collapsed into a superdense mass.