Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PGT ET Thought Processor

Quantum Thought for PGTET telescope
Outstripping the limit of imagination and perceivable intuitiveness, the new PGT ET (Paradigmic Genius Telescope Extreme Technology) adds thought to its new arsenal of tools. Where will a telescope with thought lead scientific investigation? What new discoveries will result?

The concept of adding thought to processor machines is nothing new at the lab. The thought processing dimension, then called the fifth dimension, was under development in October of 2012 and announced with the following blog:

As we know, in the world of the quantum state, the mere act of observing and "thinking" about a process can cause changes and modifications to not only the event and event results but to the world surrounding it. Much of this is counter intuitive to our thinking, however, to harness its capabilities will revolutionize our inventions and applications.

-- Hawking has shown that thought is what validates the Universe --

To advantage the technique, the new PGT ET telescope has now added the dimension of pure thought, to the already existing dims of space and time. Harnessing thought as the added dim and constructing more effective thought processing nodes may become hot topics about ongoing future development for this massive telescope. Some questions asked in the PGT ET program:

How can a thought dim increase the function of the telescope?
Is the telescope now a quantum telescope?
How to construct a thought node?
How can thought modify the telescope's function?
How to operate a telescope with a thought node? 
How can the PGT ET telescope incorporate quantum electrodynamics?
What are the boundaries and limitations of the thought function?
How will thought increase the power of the PGT ET? 

Is Pure Thought a Virtual Process?

Thought Processing Dimension

PGT Telescope ET Version

Thought Object Action Amplifier

Thought Processor