Monday, April 29, 2013

Travel Inside a Black Hole

This is the first time we've had a telescope powerful enough to travel inside a black hole.* Penetrating a black hole, in between two jets, to explore the space inside is now possible with the new Power Dynamic Telescope with its molecular and adjunctive capabilities engaged.

*"Inside a black hole" needs a definition. It's possible to see up to the event horizon optically but perhaps not deeper. Beyond the EH boundary, it's a mush of compressed space and time particles where the gravitational forces are so great that no light can escape.

So actually to see inside the black hole on the other side of the event horizon must deploy some other means than the direct observation of optical light.

Powerful black holes are strong emitters of x-rays and a radio spectrum telescope analyzer is highly useful.

Optical light observations within the black hole up to the event horizon are very useful. It's also very useful to study compression of space and time near the black hole.

We also define the black hole as the position determined by its jets. Observing between the jet-limits also qualifies as the black hole's domain.