Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Age of Gravatomic

The new Gravatomic Age, with the advent of the Gravatomic Machine and the great GGT Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope, rips open and splays the universe and beyond, endowing human-kind to conduct path-finding journeys to unbelievable new places beyond space and time that no one has ever imagined before.

voyage excursions to fantastic new realms of outer existence —

We dare you to join us in this great vision, for the ultimate grandiose unimaginable journey beyond the inexplicable, beyond the stunning scintillating Cosmos, beyond the bindings of the universe, penetrating deep past the wild exotic changing nodal points of time and space where even the laws of Physics break down — where gold mines of paradoxical anomalies emerge that are far beyond the capacity of the human mind to fathom. Go beyond the farthest limits and voids, and prepare to jolt your brain cells, spark your mind to see unbelievable new things, conjecture on the radical elements of utter fascination beyond the beckoning intellectual doorways of breathtaking and revolutionary, bold, fantastic, shocking, voyage-excursions to new realms of outer existence.

The act of or means by which mapping, viewing, studying, imaging, reconstructing, or special traveling can take place through solid objects, transcend viewing through space and time, go above, below, or around objects, execute an extrapolation and/or interpolation of dynamics, and produce determinations beyond existing space and time. Gravatomics may employ any number of means, of direct or indirect gravity, gravity waves, gravity particle dynamics, gravity inferences, effectual gravity, use of Gravatomic Machines and components, processes of gravity mining, and the conducting of experiments and analysis with gravity production that may include summations, extensions, temporal effects, time travel, space and time deformation, causation, object transformation and other gravatomic anomalies.

Voyage beyond the stars to grasp the inexplicable unknown, to boldly reach the mysterious edge of the Universe, bravely explore what lies beyond the great Cosmic barrier, to discover strange new exotic worlds and reach farther than what's known into the untrespassed sanctity of transcending dimensions... |the end is only just the beginning.|