Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Outer Existence


SOMEWHERE OVER THE UNIVERSE there is a land of outer existence...

We dare you to join us in a great vision, for this grandiose unimaginable and spectacular journey beyond far... far... away... beyond inexplicable, beyond stunning scintillating unending Cosmos, beyond the bindings that hold together the fabric of the universe...

Mysterious Black Hole Floater inside a
black hole domain. Is iin our time or
beyond our temporal existence?
Discovery made by the Big Brain's PDT
Power Dynamic Telescope. Exploring
Black Holes, Temporal Existence, Horizon 
Lines, Singularities, a Relativistic
Quantum Cosmos, the Multiverse and the
new space in between bubble Universes
is all part of the Big Brain's plan.   
Move beyond this universe of space and time - traveling high in the climbing silence of neither here nor there, penetrating deep past the wild exotic changing nodal points of time dimension where the known laws of Physics break down — Where gold mines of paradoxical anomalies emerge and dance far beyond the capacity of the human mind to fathom.

Flinging far beyond the long, long, delirious limits of time, prepare for a jolt of the mind, a spark of enlightenment  to see the unbelievable, perhaps the actual core of the undefinable infinite. Conjecture on the radical elements of utter fascination beyond the beckoning intellectual doorways of breathtaking and revolutionary bold-fantastic path-finding excursions into new planes of existence.

spark your mind to see what you never dreamed possible... —  
We're really stoked and with great reason! This is one of the most exciting times as we now have the resources to embark upon a great journey into and through the vast sparkling cosmic cosmos and cosmic void, exploring and discovering other types of space and time and fantastic gravatomic dimensions beyond our own universe, as these unfolding gateways lead to undefined and unexplored new worlds and new emerging strange and wondrous territories never before imagined. 

the Big Brain is the driving machine behind these powerful telescopes, serving as a the telescopes cognizant supercomputer mind —  

Enter into the age of extremely powerful telescopes created by the Big Brain Machine Initiative for the Prime Directive of space exploration to go beyond this universe.

These telescopes can be in two or more places at one time, do molecular processing with a cognition supercomputer, crunch gravity, and have apertures up to 9 billion miles wide utilizing Adjuncts beyond our solar system. 

THE BIG BRAIN'S super telescopes are now positioned to penetrate the Event Horizon domains of black holes, navigate to Foci of unknown places where the universe is migrating, and look into unknown realms that previously were not explorable.

Potentially, the Big Brain's new telescopes in super Gravatomic mode can see through the dimensional limits and curved edges of space and time.

What is the Outer Existence? Mounting evidence in the study of black holes, relativity, event horizons, temporal time effects and gravitational behaviors, lead towards evidence that a special space exists outside of our universe.

This Outer Existence may be the space that holds together the Multiverse, a place with bubbles containing other universes, and which is conducive as a medium to the production of new universes.

This includes the placement of those universes by singularities functioning as punches which penetrate through special space owned by the Outer Existence. When a new universe is created, matter pours into an emptiness Froth Bubble, creating a new space and a new time.

The study of the Outer Existence is a hot topic and will continue with multiple Big Brain Initiatives to determine in greater detail the mysteries that dwell beyond our universe.