Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ultra Space Center Upgrade

Instruments modeled after the Space
Shuttle and MiG jet aircraft fighter controls
In a bold move,  full upgrade work began at the ULTRA Space Center — equipment that supported older telescopes was dismantled or reconfigured to make room and support the new GGT Command Center.

— Some of the strangest instrumentation we've ever seen is being constructed to support operations of Gravatomic Telescopes  —

The ULTRA Space Center is a place where operations control the largest and most advanced Telescopes in the Big Brain Machine Initiative's arsenal. Essentially we're building the largest instrumentation command and control center ever conceived for a telescope.
Upgrading and overhaul includes command, control, and instrumentation to handle the new Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope GGT. These new upgrades will support the GGT and will also support all previous telescopes in the Adjunctive, Paradigmic, Genius, Molecular, Quantum, Enhanced Technology, and Power Dynamic series.

The new ULTRA Space Control Center GGT Division will initially handle eight telescopes including the ULT, NULT, GT, PGT, MGT, PGT-ET, PDT and GGT.

The PGT-ET has 90 controls.

The PDT was upgraded to 142 controls.

Current estimates place the new GGT at 200 controls, making it the most complex and sophisticated telescope ever created in the series.