Saturday, July 27, 2013

Convert Old Computers Into Processors


Left: The photo shows the MC computer which can add an additional 1008 processors and a Lenovo PC which can add a half million processors

The research department has found a way to convert "old" computers into vast numbers of individual and parallel processors. This could potentially increase the number of processors inside the Big Brain by a vast amount, perhaps well into the millions.

For example, the use of an extra Apple iMac could produce an additional 500,000 processors. The idea comes from the Propeller chip, which, as one chip, has eight cogs and eight instances of the Spin interpreter.

Left: This iBook could add over a quarter of a million processors.

A recycled computer can have many instances as well, with a placement of the interpreters into the main machine. The key will involve finding a low overhead interpreter and linking the repetition of interpreters from the computer to the remaining machines. This may be accomplished with cloning, and the new technique of spatial mapping used in our Monster Machine series as linked to Big Brain telescopes.

Left: one multiple processor micro controller board like this can add over 27,000 processors

The numerical limit of these new processors is unknown at this time when using all the Big Brain peripherals. It will likely depend on the computer's speed, memory, size of the interpreter, speed of the interpreter, display real estate, and other factors. An experiment is being conducted to determine the practicalities of speed and function, and the number of cloned processors that can co-exist on the latest iMac

Left: appending this BoeBot Brain project can add an additional 40,400 processors.