Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Micro Strata Threads Discovery from Near Space

The TST Tiny Space Telescope in short EFL mode was looking downward when it captured many micro strata mixed with many banks of clouds
Once you rise above the majority of the clouds when exploring Near Space, you can look down and out across the majestic expanse of near Earthen clouds and see many spectacular wonders.

At least 16 micro strata are visible and counted
Telescopes are usually pointing upward towards the Heavens, capturing celestial wonders. We've taken our telescope and pointed it downward, from Near Space.

Imaging downward with a Tiny Near Space
Many rainbows, 1=circular
Telescope, you might see many rainbows beginning with a completely circular one or many micro stratas. The latter was the view captured during our manned Near Space flight on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013.

This photo shows simultaneously, at least sixteen thin pencil line dark stratas, all running parallel to the horizon. Study shows these are likely caused by the increasing frequency of contrails, due to juxtaposition relative to a ground based airport - where jets spewing fuel exhaust in their flight patterns across the wispy cloud world. However, we cannot be certain, as this could show a mysterious outcropping of a natural phenomenon.

Rainbow from Near Space