Thursday, October 17, 2013

Behemoth Basic Stamp Supermachine BBSS


The end is not here —it's only the beginning. This is a new record for BASIC Stamp Supermachines in the Lab - a 140 Stamps Behemoth BASIC Stamp Supermachine! How, you ask?

The 81 Stamps Giant Stamp Supermachine GSS is transformed through a massive expansion with a lucky surplus of stamp boards and modules from a collection established over the past ten years.

The BASIC Stamp Supermachine
is a demonstration of basic principles to take some characteristics of a supercomputer, in particular the notion of larger multiples of relatively simple processors communicating over a common bus, each doing a portion of a task in parallel. 

We're estimating here but it looks like another 10 BSHBs, 9 OEMs, 12 modules, 7 Stamps from robots, 15 Stamps from Penguins, and 6 miscellaneous boards for a total of 59 more stamps.

This makes a next generation Behemoth Basic Stamp Supermachine BBSS with a total of 140 Stamp processors (81+59) that were accumulated over a decade. The BBST is 40 chips larger than the first Big Brain that had 100 Propeller chips.

Undoubtedly this means recycling some other projects and as we're a little reticent to do that so some thought will take place before any construction. It's likely we'll make the decision to recycle a few robots or simply borrow the Stamp modules and boards. If more hidden cache boxes of stamps are discovered, we'll be sure to include those in the next larger size Stamp machine.