Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brain Cortex Time Travel Predictions Part 13


by humanoido

FUTURES Looking forward to the year 3000, with longevity and perhaps immortality, what would you expect to see and encounter while traveling throughout time?

This is really all about the intelligent brain cortex machine, supplanted with your cognition, genes and engrams. It's about what events the cortex will see unfold when time traveling throughout the future slipstream of world events...

The chart shows only a more obvious subset of actual events and are only estimations and predictions of future happenings, i.e. their timelines may be shifted forward or backwards from the predicted dates, and cannot include the unforeseen or derivations of actual events that the cortex may see and experience. It's likely many of the listed event will happen much sooner as the chart errors on the positive side of time. The chart may be modified to increase accuracy.

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