Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brain Cortex Update Part 17

A journey farther, deeper and longer than ever before into the deepest part of the electronic parts plaza took place yesterday.

— at the heart of this experiment, as part of the Big Brain project, is a special living cortex machine which is designed for human brain to machine transfer, and to extend the life of both symbiotic human and machine, in the most simplistic way, yet representative of greater things to come —
There's no doubt about the sacrifices made to keep this project going. The ravages of this often arduous journey have exceeded the extreme physical limits of any human — i.e. being thrown around on a violent bus with no shock absorbers, having a leg torn, a hip twisted and sprained, bruised and being trampled by enraged stampeding crowds of thousands of people, becoming car sick on the taxi with the driver from Hell, catching flu germs from thousands of people in small hot humid places, becoming lost amidst twisting streets with no rhyme or reason and maps that don't properly match the city jungle, and walking (5 miles) to reach a futuristic home in the sky. This also includes walking up six stories and back down again, and back and forth (yoyo effect), in the skyscraper of a parts plaza, because someone decided to turn off the elevators and escalators to save money.

However, on the flip side of the coin, the rewards are totally spectacular and great, mind boggling, like a great fantastic dream from the future, and the climb upwards from level 1 to level 5 inside the electronics parts plaza was like traversing the stairway to Heaven, as every electronic part in and beyond imagination seemed to be available.

The Cortex project now has the parts it needs and remains fully funded by Humanoido Laboratories and supporters and investors are fully in favor of ramping up and increasing the project to include not only the current cortex, but a possible array of new sophisticated and simplified demonstrative cortex' and a ramping up of human brain to machine transfer experiments.

The parts rewards this time include a new solar panel for a smaller test cortex, perhaps a micro cortex (smaller than the mini cortex) to be placed in the smallest jar, and a multiple power cell mount array for ten individual cells for the large cortex. It will also serve for other experiments and directly drive a Parallax Propeller chip.

A large number of brass hardware spacers were obtained to attach the power cell mounts to the jar walls. Phenolic insulators were obtained in a quantity large enough to earthquake-proof the jar to a higher level.

An instrument panel was obtained to read the voltage level and display it on a digital readout. This has two leads for the supply to power it and two leads to be used for the voltage input. Since the device has 3 leads, one is shared with the two inputs.

One challenge is reading the Chinese instruction page for wire connections because no schematic is provided. The device instructions are not online and so a translator is needed, making some delay for work on the control panel.

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