Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FM Radio Station Broadcast Script Part 8

For FM radio broadcast testing, the green solid strand wire loop antenna was formed into a 1.75-inch diameter circle and soldered to the printed circuit board. The close proximity of the radio is for illustration only. The antenna and the transmitter are directional.
This is a list of broadcast script from the FM radio station on day 1 through 3 of part time operations. The determined test frequency is currently 102 MHz on the FM band.

Monday December 23
Two days before Christmas, at 10:00 pm, the radio station was turned on for the first time. A nearby FM radio was scanned across several transmitter harmonics, then settled onto the strongest signal. It's a success! "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3..." came in loud and clear on the small portable radio tuned to the FM band. This was repeated several times.

Tuesday December 24
On Christmas Eve around 11 pm, this special transmission went out for holiday wishes and additional tests were completed. "Have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas." The script was repeated prior to running tests. 

Wednesday December 25th Christmas
At 1:00 am to 1:30 am, for tests, "Roger Rabbit" was repeated which verified the frequency orientation shift. For each Roger Rabbit, a new orientation and frequency shift was tested. Microphone positioning was established along with the notation of characteristics from human positioning. In particular, the coil is sensitive to human positioning and will need to be in a retracted position during future operations.

Signal Propagation
Again, with a 1.75-inch green loop antenna, which is very cute by the way, we're not exactly sure who heard the signal other than ourselves in the Lab due to the given "in house" range.

QSL Cards
If and when we are able to extend the range to another room, we'll think about making up a batch of QSL Reception Verification Cards for "send out" to our... er...  colleagues.

Radio Station Name
Prior to the design of QSL cards, the radio station will need a name, something like Whisper 102 Radio...

Broadcast Schedule
Later we will present the Whisper Radio 102 broadcast schedule for the New Year!

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