Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FM Radio Station Testing Part 7

The 9-volt powered mini radio station is set to broadcast on the FM band near 102 MHz with more tests using a tiny 1.75-inch circular loop antenna. Today's tests include a harmonic and range study, along with orientation reviews. A very sensitive Chinese multi band radio is at the receiving end. The photo does not show the actual test range distance. In this second day "on the air" test, a small script will be sent out over the "air waves." Stay tuned to this project and the radio station just keeps growing and growing.
The next phase of the radio station is testing and calibration of the transmitter and equipment, and running more experiments to pace the radio station and see what works best.

* Range
* Transmitter Signature Footprint
* Detail & Extent of Harmonics
* Quality with Microphone
* Background Pickup Determination
* Orientation Positioning Effects
* Results of interchangeable Antenna
* Results with Different Antenna Designs 
* Signature of Transmissions with Antenna Position
* Effects of Antenna Blockage
* Types of Material and the Effects on Wireless
* Results of Direct Audio Feed Bypassing Mic
* Results of Varied Lower Power Voltage
* Instrumentation Add On 
* Mute Circuit Resistor Determination 
* Power Determinations

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