Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FM Radio Station QSL Card

Whisper Radio FM 102 releases the first version QSL reception card

Data given shows the location of the radio station as shown on a world map, the full output power of the transmitter in mWATTS, and the frequency of the radio station's transmitter in million of Hertz. The card contains the official seal of Humanoido Laboratories and the URL of the official blogspot.

A photo depicts the unique and historical first time setup when the radio station aired its first broadcast. The card is designed to confirm your FM radio reception for a given time, date, and program heard. Upon receipt of your email reception information, the E-CARD will be filled out with the appropriate data and emailed to you - the recipient. The email address to use is listed under "CONTACT" at the blogspot.


To obtain the prestigious Whisper Radio Station's QSL card, listen to our broadcast noting the name of the program, time, and full date (day, month, year). Include your location, the strength of the signal on the 0-10 scale with 0 equal to no reception and 10 representing best reception. A QSL card cannot be given out without this information.

Other information is very useful. How stable is the signal, does it flutter, fade in and out, or remain steady? How long did you listen to the broadcast? Which receiver and antenna was used? You may apply for more than one QSL card with multiple dates and times of reception.

Whisper Radio's QSL cards are extremely valuable and rare, due to the part time intermittent nature of the programming and transmissions plus the limited range due to small output power and the diminutive antenna size.

It's best to consult our transmission guide when it becomes available (stay tuned to this blogger) and be ready to tune into a broadcast. Increasing the length of your radio's antenna will help and some radios will have greater sensitivity. This will increase the chances of hearing a broadcast and getting a QSL card.

Note, one cannot consult the blog and simply report the posting after the transmission. Our logs posted will detail the times of broadcast but not list the content. So to verify reception, listing the program's name or content will be important. To qualify, a report must fit the period of time after the broadcast and before the broadcast content posting at the blogger.

Each issued QSL card will contain the radio station's unique response. If you want a printed card, in addition to the E-Card, on a Mac computer, select Print and follow the setup. The card is full regulation postcard size at 4x6-inches. Printing on glossy stock heavy weight bond photo paper is recommended.