Sunday, January 18, 2015

About Space1 from the Founder

Space1 tourism

About Space1: Space1 began January 2014 and is now international. It's a worldwide peaceful endeavor for safe space tourism through rocket travel. We have 7 members holding 21 Space1 roles.

Note from the Founder
I'm the founder of Space1, Taiwan Rocket Lab 1 & 2, American Rocket Lab 1, CEO, Rocket Scientist, and developer of a new Science Weather and Astro Observatory for rocket launches. The idea for Space1 was brewing for many years. President Obama's opening up space to private industry in the USA marked a turning point in space exploration, making space tourism possible on a large scale to the public for the first time.

President Obama Space

Last year, I designed and built 14 rockets and invented the world's first Safety Rocket. We have 3 Space Ports in 4 countries. Space1 is on the verge of changing the world and beyond. It will make space travel, space tourism, safe and affordable for the first time in history.

We are working to open a fourth space port in Singapore. Our mission directive is to open up safe affordable space tourism for everyone in the world. There are no requirements (age, gender, health, weight, height, education, training, religion, culture, location, affluence) to go into space on-board our safety rocket which could make this a boon in history.

— The first 100 people to fly the safety rocket will go down in history as the first group of space tourists and members of the most elite club in the world!

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