Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Space1 Test Spacecraft


Space1 has a continually growing and powerful collection of proportional test spacecraft helping to move towards space tourism.

The space inventory includes 15 space tourism and test rockets and six flyable Space Places, designed to serve as outposts in space and space stations. Space tourism, flights through Micro Space, Next Space, Near Space and beyond are potential reality for the public in the near future.

The top photo shows the pressure chambers from a Micro Spacecraft test in which fuel is automatically beamed up to the spacecraft through the atmosphere. This allows for a lighter craft to be powered in flight without carrying onboard fuel.

The second photo shows a very small nano flying test platform, with a backdrop of an Apple iPhone 5. This four engine flight model is used for testing below 1000 feet of atmosphere. Such vehicles can launch from skyscrapers at thousands of feet elevation resulting in nearly a mile of vertical test flight.

15 - Safety Rockets
02 - Two-Engine Space Place
02 - Four-Engine Nano Space Place
01 - Four-Engine Mid-Size Space Place
01 - Six-Engine Large Space Place