Saturday, November 21, 2015

Space1 Quantum Lab

Inside the Quadlyzer, a new world of reflective Quantum states
Space1 Venture has opened the new first time Quantum Lab overseas within the Asian Arena.

The Quadlyzer was built to investigate Quantum particles and Quantum Dynamics
The Quantum Lab was built to explore the Quantum World and specifically to engage in Quantum experiments and research.

It's expected the Quantum Lab will engage topics of Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Transceivers and communicators, particle dynamics of the Pigeon particle, new configurations of Hadron type colliders that can detect particle collisions before they happen in terms of the quantum dimensions, examine the reflective quantum states of quantum dynamics and particles in four dimensions, simulations of the quantum world using quantum machines such as the Quantum Quadlyzer, study the effects of quantum space time, and investigate the creation of quantum inventions for use in the Space1 Program and new forms of rocket and space travel.

Space1 is a high technology new space venture which has designed and constructed a new type of safety rocket for safe space tourism, with a goal of making space travel fun, safe, affordable and within reach to everyone.