Sunday, November 22, 2015

Space1 Update November 2015

Recognizing a revolution of change, by President John F. Kennedy

I can't believe how fast things are now moving here in Asia with Space1 technology. Since our return from the United States, where USA weather was uncooperative for pending space launches over five months, things have picked up to a rate of rapid acceleration. Not just here at our labs, but for NASA partner as well.

I just heard from NASA that Mars reaches 90 degrees during the summers. Previously it was thought that Mars reached 70 and prior to that it was barely reaching 60. That's definitely a game changer for Space1 tourism in the future. Plus a planet is discovered made of pure diamond and there's water on the surface of Mars. A lot of these new planets have precious minerals, and one is a water world. Titan is filled with oil and natural hydrocarbons. Asteroids have gold, gems, and valuable ores. The new push is in finding identical earth like planets. A lot is happening every week with new discoveries.

The ability to think above and beyond, by Albert Einstein
A lot is happening here at Space1. After opening the Quantum Lab, thoughts are on moving in more equipment needed to do the experiments, and more equipment to design the new machines to make everything possible. We have full support on this direction with our staff, scientists, the executive board and investors.

The new discovery of salty water flowing down this crater wall on Mars now supports the idea that life now exists on Mars. This makes Mars significantly more interesting and hospitable for colonization by Earthlings. Early settlers need only to filter out the perchlorate salt from the water and treat it for drinking. Hauling many tons of drinking water on the Mission to Mars is unnecessary, making the trip more efficient, light weight, and independent. It makes Martian colonization more practical and an imminent mission more certain. Photo - NASA
A meeting with the President of Space1 and the CEO in November was held regarding the newest of high technology developments and future expansion across the world. Expansion into Shanghai is possible on a flexible basis depending on future elements coming together. We likely will keep Space1 in the Asian Arena as a key innovator of space science and technology and a multiplicity factor of distribution, i.e. pushing the boundaries into new territories, as well as keeping the new Quantum Lab and a commute to China as needed. Expansion into Shanghai is possible with Space1 presence there as seen fit. The thought remains to expand more into Asia with a larger building with more work space and rooms to do vertical science. In particular, we're looking at the beginning construction of a modified Hadron type Collider for Quantum work in 2016, for the new Space1 Quantum Lab. This was previously blogged but now we are closer to realizing the dream. I wondered what would come next, after the 16 power telescopes in space, and now we have a good idea - the Quantum Laboratory and our own particle accelerator. Launches and evo into space will continue ARAP as rapidly as possible, for space tourism development. We are are at the highest Crux of all time and moving into the third year of smooth operations. We live in the most exciting time in space history of our species. The pending breakthroughs in Space1 quantum technology will propel the space venture light years ahead in evolution with space travel, space tourism, and space exploration. Stay tuned for the most fantastic things the mind can or cannot conceive. Space1 Founder