Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brain Family

The first Brain in a Jar
Viewing the genealogy of brains, one can see a trend of family. The family of brains includes at least 50 smaller brain siblings. The smaller brains are machines, built from micro-computing processor technology invented by Humanoido, and resulted from spin offs of the Big Brain and Supercomputers. The family is all machines except for Humanoido, the human father of the Big Brain.

There are 18 offspring brains.
Bantam Brain
Bit Brain
Baby Brain
Child Brain
Tiny Brain One TBO
Tiny Brain Two TB2
Tiny Brain Three TB3
Small Brain
Pint Size Brain
Brain Child
Propeller Elf
Micron Propeller
MC Computer
Shrunken Computer SC
Propeller Cosmac Elf II

Ten additional smaller brains exist in the series of Brain in a Jar. These are listed in the Genealogy.

Brown Jar Brain
2nd Jar Brain
Blue Jar Brain
Yellow Jar Brain
Aqua Marine Jar Brain
Jar'd Brain
Brain Cortex in a Jar
Mini Brain Cortex in a Jar
Dupe Cortex in a Jar
Half Gallon Brain in a Jar

There are 12 specific Children.

Machine Birthing Process

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