Thursday, August 9, 2018

Amidst Giant Rockets, Giant Brains, Giant Robots, Giant Telescopes

New High Density Brain
Big Brains!
Big Rockets!
Big Robots!
Giant Telescopes!

It's a blazing path into the far deep future. The year is counting at 2018. A match made in Heaven - the new move opens up all new laboratories for giant rockets, giant brains, giant robots and giant telescopes. The three labs are connected with a skyscraper observatory telescope complete with a Skyway in the sky that has an AI brain. Brains go into telescopes and into robots that go into rockets. The rockets have rocket brains and the telescope tracks the rocket in space.

This year is a Cardinal celebration for Humanoido and the advancement of innovation, newness, and pushing forward the frontier of space travel, humanoid robotics and machine intelligence. We are now out in the Pacific Ocean at one of the largest laboratories in many years, setting up science and shop. The Big Brain has his own room and is being built into the wall. A new Supertronic Brain is in the works. Special humanoid robots are being designed for rocket space travel. A new rocket fleet is standing by for launching. The massive and giant telescope is now in operation following its First Light celebration. Stay tuned as we begin to report exciting happenings on the evolution of new future science and technology.