Saturday, March 3, 2012

Space Adjunct Invented

Adjunct Space Distribution
across Space Domain
Space Adjuncts are amazing. If you know where to look, they're all over space domains! The person that holds the key to understanding Adjuncts will command the NULT Telescope in remarkable ways.

Utilizing the Jump Points is a remarkable invention by the Big Brain for applications engaging the New Ultra Large Telescope. The advent of of the Big Brain's Adjunct invention will enable its NULT Telescope to see more clear, perform better, and attain much higher resolution that is not based on sole aperture. The NULT Telescope will make use of multiple Adjuncts with the help of NASA. Adjuncts function through Nodes. A list of nodes will be created to determine multiple Adjuncts for NULT. NULT has implemented on occasions, in the collection of specific data, the Adjunct. The Adjunct is used for near objects in our Solar System and works by accelerating the resolution of the telescope. This completely excludes tedious and time consuming techniques such as base line interferometry on stars. It works well for Lunar data and selected solar system objects. Each Adjunct represents a Node and a Portal. Multiple Adjuncts are currently being put into place. How many Adjuncts does the NULT have? So far, one is fully utilized, but as researched, the creation of and access to multiple Adjuncts will become an important part of NULT implementation in the future. In the illustration, A through J are Solar System bodies and 1 through 14 are NULT implementation Adjuncts.

A - Earth
B - Moon
C - Mercury
D - Venus
E - Mars
F - Jupiter
G - Saturn
H - Uranus
I - Neptune
J - (Pluto)