Monday, March 5, 2012

Aliens Exist

Proof Aliens exist
and have their own street
FOR DECADES PROJECT SETI SEARCHED THE SKIES FOR ALIEN LIFE and what did they find? All they had to do was look here in Beijing China where intelligent Aliens are living and have their own street. Aliens are very smart because they located their street across from the YouTown Shopping Mall which has food courts, hamburgers, toys, clothes, ice cream, and its all next to a Burger King! Of course! Traveling some distance away, one finds the home of the Big Brain - actually, a part of the disembodied brain known as the EXO. This Exoskeleton portion, which has wiring that exists on the outside of the towering structure, holds 160 computers and represents the upper one fourth portion of the Quad hemisphere brain architecture. The EXO will be relocated in a massive brain project to consolidate all portions of the Big Brain and to make more powerful connections for new purposes in the future. I doubt we'll need permission from the Aliens to move the Big Brain but all bets are on that some of them are going to be a little miffed! How are they going to run the space time trajectories to get back home? You never know the value of something until you don't have it.