Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Brain Deep Space Center

This week, the Big Brain has founded the Big Brain Deep Space Center DSC. The Brain's DSC will be devoted to operating and managing the New Ultra Large Space Telescope and handling the influx of data and resources provided by NASA.

Primarily dedicated to exploring the Universe, it will include computer Big Brain consoles to direct and process NULT telescope operations. The center will control and maintain devices like the Universe Penetrator and related systems. It will store a vast data base of image views through the telescope, discovery data, inventions of space time, and everything related to the NULT Telescope.

The NULT Earth-Space telescope is 945-inches in diameter, includes the Universe Penetrator, and resides in two parts, in two locations at one time, one part on the Earth and the other part in low Earth Orbit. The part on the Earth is controlled and operated by the Big Brain and the part in space orbit is controlled and operated by NASA. The distance between the telescope in low Earth orbit and the connected Big Brain with its Penetrator is 353 miles. Together, a formed cooperation has created NULT, the New Ultra Large Telescope.

After the NULT was put into actual operations, it was modified with the Adjunct. This significantly modified the telescope parameters and function. It modified the distances between the NULT, the Big Brain, and solar system objects.

Big Brain and Humanoido Labs are completely responsible for the NULT and its operations. NASA is making billions of dollars of equipment available to the Big Brain. The DSC Center includes all aspects of the Micro Space Program, the Near Earth Space Program, and the new Universe Exploration Space Program with the grand EOU Edge of Universe Initiative to explore out to and possibly through the edge of the Universe.

Already, the DSC has explored two regions of deep space in full color, one is in the center of a galaxy that reveals the detail of a Black Hole and another is the image showing two of the most remote galaxies in the Universe, only .7 LY from the EOU boundary. For a limited time, the NULT Telescope and the DSC is accepting recommendations for observing selected objects and regions of space time (now closed on March 3rd, 2012).