Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Brain Definitions

There's a growing list of Big Brain word definitions from new technology invented and old technology repurposed. The list will post from time to time and eventually all definitions collected together will create a new dictionary.

Definitions that apply to the NULT Telescope
NULT - New Ultra Large Telescope
Adjunct - device to increase NULT resolution
Node - position in space time
Portal - means by which something new takes place
Jump Points - singular new points of space reference
Space Domain - particular region in space and time
Universe Penetrator - device enhances NULT up to ten times
Big Brain - Propeller chip based machine that controls NULT
DSC - Big Brain's Deep Space Center
GRS - Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Rotating Brain - engages single or multiple hemispheres
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

Acceptance Mode - the ability of the Big Brain to configure and reconfigure, while accepting a new design, change in design, update, add-on, host, or upgrade

Consolidation Program - a project to bring together all Big Brain components, parts, modules, assemblies, and offspring in one place, and to reassemble with the goal of a more powerful and readily accessed unit.