Saturday, March 3, 2012

NULT Telescope Pointing Program

The Pointing Suggestion Program is now closed. Thank you for your input. A summary is listed below. If you made suggestions, the results have already appeared.
  1. Humanoido - Black Hole at the center of the galaxy
  2. Humanoido - Two farthest remote galaxies known to mankind
  3. Humanoido - Jupiter GRS
  4. Spiral 72 - Penetrate selected Andromeda Galaxy regio
  5. Bean - LRV from the 1970s Apollo program
  6. Dave Hein - Kepler 22b Earth-like planet believed to support life
  7. Ttailspin - Pluto
The Pointing Suggestion Program was started to gain suggestions for pacing the new 24 meter NULT Telescope, refine its techniques, and see what it can do for the first time. Thus far, in the course of this program, the NULT has processed a black hole at the center of the galaxy, extended out to the two most distant galaxies ever seen, penetrated a tiny selected spiral arms area of M31 to reveal an astounding menagerie of brilliant celestial objects, discovered Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is the harbinger of a multitude of storms, and detected a car on the Moon with an additional adjunct.