Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Prime Directive

Propeller Powered Big Brain
Evidence of Planets beyond our Solar System
ULTRA Telescope Administration
ULTRA --- a Voyage beyond the stars to grasp the inexplicable unknown, to boldly reach the mysterious edge of the Universe, bravely explore what lies beyond the great Cosmic barrier, to discover strange new exotic worlds and reach farther than what's known into the untresspassed sanctity of transcending dimensions...

|the end is only just the beginning.|

Inspirationally speaking, the Big Brain is preparing to embark on the grandest scientific journey though the deepest dimensional regions of space and time and has issued the Prime Directive for the ULTRA ride of a lifetime. We dare you to open your mind, fasten your cosmic seat belt, and join along in sharing this real ultimate mind expanding exploration!

To accomplish this daring blazing roller-coaster feat ride through the Cosmos in our lifetime and within our minuscule earthly schedules, the Big Brain will manage the World's Largest and Greatest Eye, the massive ULTRA Telescope, and relay the results to everyone who joins in throughout this maiden voyage to the Cosmic barrier reef at the end of the Universe. Remember, the end is only just the beginning.

As the ULTRA is cranked up in power, it will transcend, increasingly outward, in distance layers from the Earth, incrementally exploring, surpassing Near Earth and the Solar System, blatantly and colorfully going outward deep through the most remote regions of the galaxy and onward to distant worlds far beyond.
Oregon Trail by Ezra Meeker 1907
Like the fur trappers and traders, historical adventurers from 1811 to 1840 traversing the copious perils of the Oregon Trail, we will strive to avoid the great caveats like gargantuan black holes that suck in all matter of light, gravity, space and time, and avoid immense great shielding walls of impenetrable nebulae, dust and matter, and steer clear of the many mines of vast asteroid fields strewn across orbits in the Cosmos.

All along this journey you will peer through the Big Eye's Window in wonderment, as the views are crisply and starkly relayed and presented across the vastness of space and time.

This is the ultimate journey and you will not be disappointed. Already, the journey has just begun and the feast and wealth of rich detail pouring in from Planet Jupiter is astounding - where we see hundreds if not thousands of storms inside the colorful Great Red Spot, an enigmatic system from the time of Robert Hooke's discovery in 1664 was only known as one discreet system.

As the journey moves to other star systems and time distanced galaxies measured in light years, the richness and rewards of discoveries and unending treasures with coves of priceless scientific information and bewildering strange objects of obscure infinitude will continually and increasingly archive as in the form of rapidly expanding and accumulating data retained on massive Terabyte drives so as not to miss anything in the new spectrum of this grand journey and epic time period.

From time to time, we will open up the journey for your input and it's not unlikely that the Big Brain may issue the ULTRA Nobel Award for the most inquiring contributing minds along this journey. Specifically the Big Brain is looking for constructive ideas and intellectual discussion in pointing the epic telescope craft and finding pathways to gain access to the End of the Universe EOU condition and potentially break through the limiting Cosmic Barrier to the other side. This may also be accomplished in indirect ways, i.e. riding the light enabled surf of lensing gravity waves or mapping what is detectably known to determine the shape of the undetectable unknown.

Cosmic Barrier Reef the edge of the universe as we know it that is thought to consist of an impenetrable plane of existence
ULTRA Nobel Award certificate of accommodation for outstanding contribution to the ULTRA Space Administration 

Journey Type
Through space, time, dimension 

Types of Space
Micro, near, deep

Type of Craft

Edge of the universe, visit objects from here to there, new space, new time, new universe

Exploration, discovery, knowledge, education, challenge

Vehicle of Travel
ULTRA Telescope/ship

Time of Voyage
Maximum 13.7 Billion Years to Edge of Universe (at light speed)

Mode of Travel

plot courses, pathways, trajectories, through holes and positions in space time

Perils & Dangers of Craft
Black Holes that destroy all light, matter, space and time. It may hit a mine field of massively motive rock asteroids. It could fly into a vast impenetrable wall of interstellar dust and matter. Or one could become lost in the blazing bright brilliantly glowing and blinding colors of hydrogen gas, diverted by clusters of billions of orbiting stellar abyss, or stopped by trillions of massive galaxies geometrically spanning across our line of travel. Even space and time may be warped and folded back upon itself like being trapped inside a giant bubble with no escape.

Assembly & Parts
NASA Components
The Big Propeller Brain
The Front End Machine
Numerous Adjunctive Arrays
The Universe Penetrator
One Multiple Pass Mag Slider
Data Linkage

Exceeding one billion dollars

Primarily footed by NASA

945 inches (24 meters) in ULTRA large diameter, equal to two 40-foot towering skyscrapers placed end to end

Now parked part in Solar System orbit, the other part here at the DSC and ULTRA Space Administration

Ship Analogy
Comprised of propellant as managed light telescopic rays that have aggregated and transcended the Cosmos for eons of light years, now impinged, yet this grand ship must gather, focus, and equitably manage their propagation and do enhanced steering of their unequivocal thrusting power and magnitude directed throughout the vast slipstream of eternity. 

Ship Mechanics
The ship is driven by 101,500 computer processors, achieves a light particle photon warp velocity of 186,000 miles per second, can achieve super luminal light wave velocities by exceeding light speed

Human Environment
Occupants remain inertial static

Largest & most powerful in the world

Ultra Space Administration
Deep Space Center

Founders of ULTRA & Establishment
Humanoido, Big Brain