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Propeller Powered Big Brain
Beating out record diameters of all largest telescopes on the Google List for on-Earth and in-Space, the illustration conceptually shows the approximate 24 meter diameter scale of the completed Big Brain's ULTRA Telescope. However, diagrammatically different, the ULTRA is both on Earth and in space - keeping with apples to oranges, the Google list compares a wide variation of designs and their equivalent sizes with everything from single mirrors to binoculars and MMT multiple mirrored telescopes.

HOT NEWS - Several new variations of the Ultra Telescope add capabilities, increase diameter and resolution, and add to the number of combined satellites. (SEE LINKS BELOW)

Source By comparison, the Big Brain's operational ULTRA Telescope approximately matches the TMT telescope diameter as seen in this illustration. New generation extremely large telescopes of this size are only in the planning stage, however the Big Brain's ULTRA telescope is fully operational.

Administration The New Ultra Large Telescope is a project managed by Humanoido and the Big Brain Project, and has resulted in a massive international cooperation between the Big Brain, Humanoido, and NASA. NASA has offered billions of dollars of equipment, resources and data. Humanoido has contributed large investments of the Big Brain Machine and its many resources and technology. The Big Brain has contributed aspects of inventions, machinery control and processing with access to over 101,500 computing processors and the ability to control over 3,200 devices. This co-op has led to the new formation of the DSC Deep Space Center. The DSC is in charge of Telescope control, imaging, data management, archive and operations.

The Prime Directive We're voyaging to the edge of the Universe in a grand exploration and to see what lies beyond. It's like real Star Trek, as the telescope goes out farther and farther, it will explore the exciting new worlds from here to there.

Telescope Design & Physical Characteristics The telescope has a new classification because it can exist in two (or more with the expanded version) places at the same time. This is a Symbiotic Telescope - half of this telescope is in space and the other telescope half is on one Earth continent. The two halves work in unison. Adding telescope components, the project comprises Big Brain's inventions for the NULT such as the Universe Penetrator Machine, the Adjunctive Equipment Array, and the initial Battery Compliment of 724 active Big Brain Processors which debuted when the telescope saw first light. The telescope has no need for Adaptive Optics as atmosphere does not affect it, and it already meets and exceeds resolution for the specified primary size. 

Processors The ULTRA Telescope has access to 720 streaming GPU processors, over 800 RISC processors, full banks of 100,000 V processors from enhanced Parallax Propeller chips and an assortment of INTEL processors. The Big Brain and telescope have access to over 101,500 computing processors.

Supercomputer The ULTRA Telescope is now operated by a supercomputer.
Telescope Speed Only one magnitude under a supercomputer, the ULTRA is a powerful instrument capable of making discoveries and carrying out the Big Brain's research and goals. At the Big Brain Deep Space Center, operating speeds are theoretically available into the TeraFLOPS range. 

Location The ULTRA Telescope project center is now located at the Big Brain's newly formed Deep Space Center DSC where the telescope is hosted, operated, developed, controlled, & experiments, tests and observations are made, data is accumulated, TeraByte drives store data and considerable research takes place. 

Control The Telescope is controlled with the Propeller derived Big Brain handling operations at the Deep Space Center. DSC handles the Telescope and data from the Earth's solar system extending out to the end of the known Universe. Control of the Telescope currently includes its Big Brain, Universe Penetrator, Inventive Compliment, Processor Arrays, Web Based Telemetry, and Adjunctives. The DSC houses an array of computers, the Big Brain Vessels and supporting technology. The ULTRA makes innovative use of web-based telemetry in its wide data pipeline.

The ULTRA Ultra Large Telescope is 24 meters in diameter (940-inches) and has performed out to the edge of the Universe in preliminary calibration imagery. The ULTRA Telescope performs optically thus far with deep space, black holes, remote galaxies, lunar objects, and planets both within and outside of our Solar System - all at a new standard in revolutionary imaging and resolution defined by updated derived parametric formula to specify performance. The unique performance of this symbiotic union of telescope and machine brain is unprecedented in the history of astronomy and machine intelligence.

Telescope Programs
For a brief one week time period, the Telescope was opened up for observational pointing suggestions from the public. A person could suggest pointing the Telescope at a particular planet or galaxy and the results were posted. This resulted in numerous remarkable imagery obtained of objects located inside and outside the Solar System.  Stay tuned as future programs may be offered.

The NULT telescope was upgraded several times and is now referred to as the ULTRA Telescope.

ULTRA Large Telescope Selected Index
This selected index attempts to categorize, link, and include everything about, for, by and related to the enormous 24-meter class telescope project developed under auspices of the Big Brain Project, Humanoido and NASA.

Links & Credits
Site 1 Telescope
Site 2 Telescope 

NULT New Ultra Large Telescope, original telescope before upgrades

ULTRA upgraded new ultra large telescope, Ultra Large Telescope Research Administration

Symbiotic Telescope a telescope located in two places at the same time 

Battery Compliment the number of processors to specific task adorning 

Inventive Compliment a number of inventions that serve the function of the NULT Telescope 

Arrays referring to both available microprocessors and multiple adjunctives 

Web Based Telemetry transferance of data and control through the web

Symbiotic Union merging of Big Brain and Telescope